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Lawyer’s Guide to Marketing

Reading Time: 1 minute

How to Create a Profitable Marketing Strategy for Your Law Firm




Discover the Exact Strategies That Help Our Clients Attract well over $100,000 per Month in Scheduled Appointments


Quickly learn how to improve your marketing efforts to include data and analytics to get more clients, understand what attracts visitors who convert, and learn how your funnels are performing.


Once you start using the right marketing strategy, you can start attracting the right clients for your firm. In this Lawyers Guide to Marketing, you will discover:


  • How having a client-centered website can significantly improve your (UX) user experience
  • How to define and develop your law firms content strategy
  • Why you should still use traditional marketing strategies to remain top of mind
  • How to improve your digital marketing efforts across all channels to lower costs and improve conversion
  • Why online reputation management matters to your bottom line
  • Why call tracking and conversation analytics matter


Your Book Includes the Following:


7 Chapters:

  • Chapter 1: The Client-Centered Website Design
  • Chapter 2: Content Strategy and Development
  • Chapter 3: Traditional Marketing and Building Offline Authority
  • Chapter 4: A Look at Digital Marketing and Your Law Firm
  • Chapter 5: Building Your Online Reputation
  • Chapter 6: Call Tracking and Conversation Analytics
  • Chapter 7: Creating Closed-Loop Analytics to Improve Conversions


2 Checklists:

  • In-house Marketing Questionnaire
  • Agency Questionnaire

71 Pages